All Websites are Designed for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Viewing and are Responsive

Basic, Basic Launch Plus and Full Launch are for New Websites Only

Basic Launch *

$400 USD


Basic Launch Plus *

$800 USD


full launch **



*Basic Launch and Basic Launch Plus are for clients that have secured their own hosting plans and wish to save money by doing some tasks themselves.  Hosting and maintenance plans are not offered at these levels. Sites are completed on Bizsplice servers and migrated to client’s server upon completion.

**Full Launch is everything you need to have a professional digital presence, with none of the headaches. Clients will also incur a $45 USD (plus tax)/per month hosting, and maintenance fee, which includes ongoing site security monitoring and updates.

All additional work is billed at an hourly fee and requires a written change order from the client.

Other Services

DIY Setup



This plan meets the needs of clients and individuals who have a lot of time and are on a very tight budget.  There are numerous YouTube Videos, and builder tutorials available today to get a WordPress website launched. Sadly many do not cover proper site security setup or individual hosting server settings.  This can end in a broken and/or insecure site after weeks of hard work has been spent on design.

Website Redesigns

Price Varies

May Include:

Old, outdated or non https websites create many problems for their owners.  Solutions can range from migrating the site to a temporary server, installing an updated version of WordPress with proper security certificates and migrating it back, to a full website redesign and brand update.  Since there are myriad servers, software setups and unknown security issues, these situations require detailed investigation before they can be quoted appropriately.

Website Migration



The Following Services are Priced after Assessment and Consultation

Website Hosting

Logo Design

Social Media Setup

Email Setup

Site Audits

Software Research

Software Setup

Administrative Support

ecommerce Solutions*

*Ecommerce websites are specialized sites which require rigorous security, specialized servers and a great deal of customization and inter-connectivity with other services.  The minimum cost for a full ecommerce site is $3000.00 USD.  For client’s selling just a few items, creating Shopify buttons for your WordPress website is an excellent solution and minimizes the cost substantially.